About Us

Tindol Construction is dedicated to providing experienced and professional civil construction services to wind and solar projects throughout the South-Central United States. Applying environmentally sensitive construction practices in remote and rugged environments while minimizing cost to our clients.


We have been the heavy civil construction contractor on multiple wind farm projects in the South-Central United States. Our scope has included road & turbine site construction, foundation excavation and backfill, hammering and blasting of mesa climbs & foundations, crane pads, reclamation of T&D and collection line right of ways, on-site and off-site crushing and aggregate supply, soil stabilization, and complete site reclamation. These projects have included 500+ turbines generating over 1000 megawatts of energy.


Our teams provide civil construction of solar farm projects in the South-Central United States. Our scope includes site clearing and grading, service roads, electrical substation and laydown yard pad sites, public roadway access and upgrades, and complete site reclamation including seeding and erosion control.

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Our Clients

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Amongst a whole bunch of oil field companies, Tindol Construction continues to provide excellent services with our turnkey solutions. Safety, Quality, Experience and an Honest Approach at communication has helped build long term relationships.