Pipeline Implementation

Pipeline Construction Services

Tindol Construction is delivering excellence, being a highly regarded pipeline construction company of Texas. We have completed hundreds of pipeline tasks for municipalities, developers, etc. entities for a long time. Those pipeline construction and maintenance services include

  • Steel (2″ – 36″)
  • Poly (2″ – 24″)
  • Flex Steel
  • Fiber Spar
  • Fiber Glass
  • Valve Set/Riser Fabrication and Installation
  • Integrity Work and Anomaly Repair
  •  Piping and Structural Fabrication (ASME, API, ANSI)


  • Pipeline Integrity
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Hydro-Testing
  • Pipeline Mowing
  • Pipeline Reclamation
  • Pipeline Pigging and Cleaning
  • Corrosion Control
Workers working on the site

Meeting all expectations, our pipeline contractors add value to a client’s investment. And guess what, our clients now have a strong foothold against their competition. You, too, will have the same position once you make a deal with us.

Our experience involves working with heavy undergrounds, difficult site conditions in congested urban and rural areas requiring all necessary permits. The other typical responsibilities are scheduling pipeline maintenance, surveying, performing pipeline rectification, following preventative maintenance plans and procedures to lessen repair expenses, reporting unsafe conditions, identifying pipeline operational flaws, and taking corrective measures.

Operating from multiple locations in Texas has given us the advantage of assisting clients in urgency. The pipeline chores needed a subtle touch, which Tindol Construction does without a fuss. Ensuring quality in every aspect, we see that our materials are not sub-standards because it will put more harm than good. The commitment to safety at all levels allowed us to give accident-free work. Also, the timely expeditions of tasks have made Tindol Construction’s relationships strong.

Pipelines are unseen, but how it is managed and maintained, it shows above. Its length is larger than that of highways for transporting a billion litres of liquid. If it gets disturbed, all hell breaks loose. The lines offer energy to every life that you must see that it receives a superb service, which Tindol Construction is ready to deliver in Texas.

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Our Clients

safety. quality. experience.

Amongst a whole bunch of oil field companies, Tindol Construction continues to provide excellent services with our turnkey solutions. Safety, Quality, Experience and an Honest Approach at communication has helped build long term relationships.