Wind Energy Construction Services

• Road, wind turbine, solar site and electrical substation construction
• Foundation excavation, construction, and backfill
• Rock mesa & foundations – hammering, drilling, blasting & crushing
• Collection line right of ways and reclamation
• SWPPP, Soil Stabilization, complete site reclamation including seeding & erosion control

Solar Energy Construction Services

• Site clearing, grubbing, excavation and reclamation
• Soil Stabilization
• Pile driving
• Security Fencing
• Service road and substation construction
• Environmental, SWPPP, erosion control and seeding

Renewable Energy Construction

At Tindol Construction, we take a sensible approach to each project, dedicated to bringing our customers maximum cost savings while reducing the environmental impact at every stage of the project, from building access roads to erecting wind turbines. Our expertise in project performance, even in the harshest of climates and conditions make Tindol your first choice for Wind and Solar Energy Projects.

Tindol Construction is proud to have one of the industry’s most successful teams, with more than 16 years of Energy Construction experience. Providing consistent quality performance and a second-to-none safety record has contributed greatly to our success.

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Our Clients

safety. quality. experience.

In an industry that changes daily, Tindol Construction continues to provide excellent service with turnkey solutions. Safety, Quality, Experience and an Honest Approach at communication has helped build long term relationships.