Oil And Gas Energy Construction

Leading Service Provider In The Energy Industry

Tindol Construction is one of the highly reputed oil and gas companies in Midland, Tx, serving the oil and gas industry from 2004. Our extensive experience in the Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream Sectors is why we are pack leaders. And due to the end-to-end construction capability and competent personnel, we will do the following for you.

Facility Construction Services

  • Oil Terminal/Crude Handling Facilities
  • Compressor Station Construction
  • Gas Lift Installations
  • Tank Battery/Central Tank Battery Construction
  • Pumping Station Construction
  • Process Facility Construction
  • Cryogenic Facilities
  • Amine Facilities
  • LPG Storage/Handling Facilities
  • Metering Facilities Construction

We will build any size facility, even in the harshest conditions. We have completed projects in the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford Shale, and the Texas Gulf Coast Regions. Catering to several projects at a time, we have expanded ourselves both facility and tools wise.

At Tindol Construction, we begin facility construction by planning, budgeting and having a meeting with clients. The conference is to get approval on the things we will be doing. The discussion will be related to building AFE budgets, using how much workforce, material sourcing, loading schedules, and having a pre-job meeting with clients to discuss any issues.

The next stage is constructing, customizing, installing and doing field-work needed for facility deployment. The tasks here are prefabricating, foundations (piling), equipment and piping transport, equipment placing, field tie-ins, final testing and operation commencing.

After commissioning, we carry out a check on the facility. It may be after some days, weeks or months or as per our clients’ request. The post-checking process involves follow up meetings, site clean-up, verification and complete handover of quality control like MTRs, test charts, etc.

With all our integrated approach, Tindol Construction realizes project delivery without compromising quality.

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Our Clients

safety. quality. experience.

Amongst a whole bunch of oil field companies, Tindol Construction continues to provide excellent services with our turnkey solutions. Safety, Quality, Experience and an Honest Approach at communication has helped build long term relationships.